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Why learn maths?

Learning gives each one of us the power to change lives for the better, not just our own, but those around us too.

Learning simple maths is no exception...

Understanding even basic maths enables us to get through everyday life more confidently and enjoyably – and to help others too.

Whether you are a student, a parent or a teacher Sums??–Simple!! is a valuable tool in the learning and understanding of maths.

Maths, the future and you...

If you are new to learning maths, you may be unaware of the importance or influence that maths has in our lives - directly, or indirectly.

Just think for a moment: whenever numbers need to be calculated we rely upon maths. From a shopping expedition to space exploration, someone somewhere has to do the maths.

And who knows, if you develop a fascination for maths it could be where your future career lies. Advances in science, technology and communication are all maths dependent. Without maths, much of what we take for granted would not exist. You wouldn't be reading this on your computer either...

For a brief look at the History of Maths – click here.

Sums??–Simple!! the maths book that really helps.

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