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Maths Trick 2

Amazing 1089...

Step 1
Take two pieces of paper and hand one to a friend.
On yours, without letting them see, write the number 1089, then fold the paper to keep it hidden.

Step 2
Ask them to think of a 3-digit number but, before they write it down, ask them to put the numbers in order from greatest to smallest. Don't let them show what they've written.
Example: 543

Step 3
Below their number, ask them to write the same digits, but in reverse order, from smallest to greatest.
Example: 345

Step 4
Now, ask them to subtract the new lower number from the original one they wrote.
Example: 198

Step 5
Next, ask them to reverse the order of that number.
Example: 891

Step 6
Then, get them to add this latest number and the previous number together and show you the result.
Example: 891 + 198 = 1089

Step 7
Finally, you can reveal your own number, which (if they have calculated correctly) will be exactly what they have written...



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