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The Maths Book that Really Helps You to Understand Simple Maths

Sums??–Simple!! is your step-by-step guide to learning maths, from elementary to more advanced processes.

It is aimed at:

  • Children studying maths from upper primary school to lower secondary school – Key Stage Maths 2 & 3
  • Adults who wish to 'brush-up' on learning simple maths
  • Schools and colleges, as a valuable maths learning resource for students

Sums??–Simple!! presents simple maths in a friendly, conversational style and contains revision checks throughout, together with a corresponding answers section.

Its open-flat binding makes it easy to use too.

Previously mainly available to and through libraries, this aid to learning maths is now available to purchase online for just £12.99 + postage.

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Sums??–Simple!! was developed over many years by educationalist Malcolm Errington BA Dip CE MEd FHEA. Malcolm has extensive experience in Scotland as a classroom teacher, in School Management and also, as a Senior University Lecturer working in Teacher Education.


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